Fultonbridge Partners operates exclusively at the lower and micro ends of the mergers & acquisitions market. We do not compete with middle market investment banks and boutique advisory firms with large minimum fee requirements.

We operate to serve entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and micro-buyout firms. The transactions we are involved with are almost always with companies whose revenues are $15 million and under – more often $5 million or less. We are not constrained by size of transaction.

Many other groups turn to us as an extension of their clients needs when a business or transaction does not fit into their typical client parameters, including:


  • Middle market investment banks
  • Boutique M&A firms not focused on technology or small deals
  • Accounting firms who lack transaction experience
  • Law firms seeking a deal partner for a unique transaction
  • Small and micro buyout shops seeking to pass on a prospect

Join Us

Are you a solo business broker who would like to look at being part of a bigger team? Perhaps you are a former finance or accounting professional who would like to get involved in the M&A world? Or maybe you are a business owner who has recently sold his company, has a great network and would like to help other business owners achieve success? We've found success building our team with folks like you. Send us a note if you want to learn more about how we work and whether Fultonbridge is a fit for you.