Fultonbridge Partners is a unique firm in that we are affiliated with entrepreneurs whose other principal business is an operating holding company made up of acquisitions and other entrepreneurial activities. We are experts at working with owners to sell their business and achieve maximum value, but we also know how to operate on the other side of the transaction.

If you are an executive who is looking to make their first acquisition or a small company without a corporate development or M&A department, we can help give you the confidence and resources to pursue your acquisition strategy and avoid pitfalls. Our services include :

  • Proprietary Deal Flow: years of transaction experience coupled with our affiliate acquisition strategies assures that we are constantly receiving leads on potential acquisition targets from attorneys, accountants, bankers and other business owners and advisors. We can give you access to our deal flow or tailor your efforts to gain specific deal flow for your needs. 

  • Retained Search: without a full-time corporate development professional, whether a busy business owner or a distracted would-be-entrepreneur executive, pursuing an acquisition is time consuming and difficult process that is fraught with time wasting pitfalls. We can be retained on a monthly basis to ensure you have active efforts and are moving forward wit your goals. 

  • Consulting, due diligence and other advice: if you already have a target or are in the middle of a tricky transaction and need added advice, we can help. Non-traditional deals like those involving technology and services businesses can be tricky. Due diligence and support for value can be challenging when working with accountants and bankers. We can help support your efforts and provide the credibility of an operator who has been there before.

If you need help, give us a call. We can augment your efforts, tailor an engagement to meet your needs and improve your chances of success.